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Hans Schröter
Diplom Ingenieur - Radiästhet
Wehrheimer Pfad 6
61191 Rosbach
Tel / Fax: +49 (0)6003 3559



For some he was the ingenious searcher for water in the desert, other looked at his unconventional working method with a sense of charlantanry: the person is Hans Schröter (born 1940). The engineer uses the dowsing rod for his search and combines hydrogeological with traditional knowledge - with extraordinary success. If the rod responds, the drilling will strike water in nine cases out of ten.

Five years ago, his work for the GTZ came to an abrupt end."The sky was cloudless when a lightening struck me directly in the head during dowsing in Namibia", remembers Schröter.He needed years to fully recover from this severe accident. "In general, such accidents end fatally, thus there was no experience with any rehabilitation therapy", he says. Under these circumstances, the recognition of a disabled status has not taken very long.

Today, he has won back so much optimism that he works with his rod again - jobs he does for friends and a circle of acquaintances, either as a guest speaker or as a dowser in Germany or abroad. "The enthusiasm is back," and his eyes twinkle, "but it should not be too easy for me" - Sinai or India sound attractive to him.

His procedure is the same every time. To begin with, he evaluates the hydrogeological and topographical maps and charts available. "Of course I can only find water in places it actually exists. This I can see exactly from the data. Otherwise I don´t start in the first place, " he says almost apologetically.

If Hans Schröter travels, he has to adapt to the new country or region, for example to its altitude. "It will take one or two days until I adjust". Today he can dowse again for two or three hours a day - and might pause for a day depending on his condition. His wife Luise sees to that, as he has lost the sense for his physical limit.

Schröters experience is unique in the world. "Who", he rhetorically asks, "has searched for water with a dowsing rod on three continents and has had the opportunity to verify the forecast by drilling afterwards? "The retired GTZ expert wants to combine traditional knowledge and modern science. He wants people in various regions in the world to acquire drinking water with the help of his rich experience.

(Extract from "GTZ-intern", Edition no. 86, Februrary 2001)